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North Korea visits Pyongyang on a whim

North Korea visits Pyongyang on a whim
Liu jie

When I first applied for a study tour to north Korea, we were impressed by its poverty, backwardness and lack of resources. I tried to recall my childhood life in Shanghai.


If you go into this country, you might think you've fallen into a time machine and gone back in time to the 1970s, and you'll see giant portraits of our leaders, leaders' badges on people's chests, painted political posters, grandiose slogans and so on. Apart from that, there were not many brightly colored clothes, and people with black, white, grey and yellow colors were wandering in the streets. This was our first impression of north Korea.

With the constant interpretation of the guide, gradually understand the north Korea the mysterious country: her land area 22.2 square kilometers (12.3 square kilometers) north of population 70 million (24 million) north of Pyongyang's population in 3 million, the Korean peninsula from east to west in about 3000, the three li jinxiu jiangshan, the north mountain area of two-thirds, plain land less, South Korea is just the opposite. She introduced her own situation in north Korea, always the whole Korean peninsula as a whole, said the title of the highest leader is: President Kim il sung, general Kim jong il, comrade Kim jong UN, you can see her love for their country, respect for the leadership.

We visited downtown Pyongyang, mudanfeng, miao-xiangshan, kaesong area (38th parallel), and nanpu (xihai sluice). There were not many people around. The sky was clear, blue and white, and the environment was comfortable. There are few people and cars on the road. There are many tall buildings on the road. There are no slums in our imagination like in the 1970s. Second, medical treatment is free; The 3rd it is the housing with free cent inside two months with marriage card 90 square metre left and right sides (include a country). Speaking of which, we are not always impressed by the superiority of their socialist system. (2nd edition)

Staff support, confidence

Since the last yaojiang bulletin published an article on "good news", many employees have been curious about the possibility of installing solar power systems in their homes. From time to time to consult or call to understand the situation, the current negotiations are also two, respectively, the glass factory xu wenyun and the curtain wall company jinyuzhang home.
After going to the scene to understand the situation, I found that the roof of the farmer's family was very complicated, but it also gave some technical tests to the technical personnel of the solar energy company. How to solve these technical problems, really need to think hard, and repeatedly overcome these technical difficulties. Like xu wenyun home and jinyuzhang home, their two roofing is completely different, that is to say, conquered xu wenyun home, but also to conquer the jinyuzhang home, different types of power generation system installation experience, will give us the accumulation of certain experience, no matter what kind of roof, do not fear.
Here we also popularize the installation of solar power system residents need to go through what procedures?
① copy of house property certificate (or homestead certificate);
②the applicant (household registration and homestead certificate), a copy of the household register certificate;
③the applicant's id card (both sides of the copy);
④the applicant (industrial and commercial bank of China, agricultural bank of China) account number (soft card) positive and negative copy;
⑤local neighborhood committee or village committee installation license certificate.


The above steps are essential in the application process. Here we are also very grateful to the employees of our brother units for their great support to the solar energy cause. Thanks to your support, we have doubled our confidence, worked hard to expand the market, laid a good foundation and served you warmly.

-- Chen jian reports

(take), of course, also have something not satisfactory, their infrastructure is backward, such as road, the car on the road bumps, speed, power is not enough, we live in the hotel or hotel, interior decoration, such as our hostel, night trip power from time to time, 24 hours hot water is not supply, industry is not developed, only a small number of textile industry, cosmetics, most mainly based on agriculture.      
In the building exterior balcony, we see along the way without a large area of glass curtain wall, also did not see like relations air basks in clothings, only to see the jagged various solar photovoltaic modules, the road on both sides also have a lot of solar street light, solar garden light, which we see a line of business opportunities, due to lack of electricity solar power they need to complement the darkness of the trouble. This is the biggest gain of our trip!

Interesting bees' buzzing '


Our childhood is in the seventy s, when the jiangnan rural farm for a living, to live and work in peace and contentment, every village can be more brothers and sisters friends their own age, every bloomy spring season, the fields of wildflowers, piece of golden rape attracted little bees buzzing, also attracted various insects help...... All of a sudden, in front of the house from time to time there are many busy little bees.


Adults often say: bees are more industrious ah, flying to and fro in the honey, meaning that we learn bees love labor. In golden bee good lovely stripe unlined upper garment, attracted friend and I want to see actually, watching them flying inside cracks in the wall, up and down in the mouth of the cave, twitched, jump up in the air "waltz", they are looking for his own family, flapping wings flew humming, occasionally in companions collision, blink of an eye into the home of it is missing, made me wonder: how do you know so far to find it honey, how can fly back to find their own! ...


The friend egged on: the bee just came back with honey. Shall we eat its honey? So we take a straw pole into his hole in the wall bee home with me, the bee was very angry, head out to see us, shrank back again, I am unwilling to continue crunching, angry bees probe down sting staring at my fingers, a sharp pain, looking at finger swelling up slowly, companion also beside hissing, angered me, I picked up the edge of the sickle to get bigger, finally caught a small bees, I saw a golden honey bee mouth egg drop little honey, and dip them into it by hand, into the mouth licking honey, oh, I remember the sweet taste experience!
When I got home, I told my parents about the bee stings. My parents said, "that bee will die after stinging you. Oh, that lovely little bee is also poor enough oh, later can no longer be so to catch the little bee.
Many years have passed, and every spring when the flowers are in full bloom, the sight of bees flying about among them will remind me of this interesting experience.
Because of working relationship comes into contact with the network communication technology, especially the application of zigbee protocol of wireless communication technology, is using the principle of eight dance of bees, the bees (bee) is by fly and "buzz" (zig) wings "dance" to transfer pollen location information with his companions, bees depend on this way form the communication network in the group, the researchers use this established zigbee protocol, widely used in the world, is a kind of cheap, low power consumption of the close range wireless network communication technology, in the domestic intelligent bus get mature application, smart home, LAN communications. Knowledge about it and let me recall the "buzzing" of bees, and scientific insight into why bees dance and how to search for pollen source, how to recognize the way home, and a series of questions, and truly realize the fun of bee life brings human bionics significance, brings to our daily life is change.
Bees are beneficial insects, not only to bring us healthy food, but also to the development of human science and technology enlightenment, human benefit from the gift of nature, but also the natural better environment, so that the world will be more beautiful and harmonious!



Liu qilong, secretary of the district commission for discipline inspection, visited the veteran party members


On the arrival of the 94th anniversary of the songjiang district party committee member, discipline inspection commission secretary Liu Qilong in leaf pavilions town party committee, secretary of the united front members Dai Taorong yong-ming Chen, the town party committee organization, in the afternoon on June 23, part four village, DaMiao Village visits condolences to my town whole life difficult, to the party's concern, they send greetings and blessings.
In the home of jin longfa of old party member of 4 cun cun, liu qilong inquired jin longfa's family life circumstance and physical condition cordially. When he learned that jin longfa's life was difficult because of various complications caused by diabetes, liu asked him
  We should pay attention to our health and urge the comrades in towns and villages who are accompanying us to pay more attention to the lives of party members in difficulties and elderly party members and actively help them out. Later, a group of people visited the 86-year-old party member zhang sibao in the village. When they learned that zhang sibao was suffering from a variety of diseases and needed to take a variety of medicines every day, liu qilong carefully inquired about the expenditure and reimbursement of medical expenses, and asked the staff of the village to often care about such party members and help solve their practical difficulties. 'veteran party members have made contributions to the cause of the party and the people,' Mr. Liu said. 'our party and government will never forget that.

——From the official website of yexie town《News of the leaf pavilions》


Theme: sunflower in full bloom


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