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Established in 1991, Shanghai Yaojiang Industry Co., Ltd. is one of the manufacturing bases which is specialized in Special Safety Glass, Windows & Doors, Curtain Wall and Solar Photovoltaic Power Generation System. 
The Yaojiang Group is consisted of three subordinate companies: Shanghai Yaojiang Glass Factory, Shanghai Yaojiang Curtain Wall Engineering Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Yaojiang Solar Energy Technology Co., Ltd. 
The Yaojiang Group has mainly three series of products: 1) Processed Glass, 2) Windows & Doors and Curtain Wall, 3) Solar Energy System. 
Located in Zhangze Minfa Economic Development Zone, Songjiang named as ‘the Root of Shanghai’, the Yaojiang Group covers an area of 66000 square meters, with 35000 square meters of construction area.
The annual output value of Yaojiang Group is around 95 million RMB. 
For Processed Glass, the annual output value is 35 million RMB. 
The annual output value of Windows and Doors is 30 million RMB, while that of Curtain Wall is 20 million RMB. 
The rest of 10 million RMB has been created by Solar Energy System. 
The annual capacity of Hollow Glass is around 200 thousand square meters. The annual capacity of the Windows and Doors is 120 thousand square meters and that of Curtain Wall is 30 thousand square meters. For Solar Energy System, its annual capacity is about 3 megawatts.