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Successfully applied for 88 invention patents

The company's founders are all from Shanghai Yaohua Glass Factory. They are a group of safety glass professionals who are full of exploration spirit in the field of glass deep processing.
In 1994, technicians developed the first hollow spacer glass in Shanghai. In 1995, the team pioneered the development of hot-line heating glass and conductive film glass for refrigerators, which solved the problem of affecting the line of sight due to "sweating" on the glass surface. With the development of the times, green, energy-saving and environmental protection have
become the key issues in the construction field. Shanghai Yaojiang researchers have actively invested in energy-saving glass research and development. The
innovative built-in double-layer roller blind insulating glass won the national invention patent on September 30, 2015. .
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"This fan-like blind window, its full name is electric intelligent remote control hollow shutter glass
window." Company general manager Wang Huilin introduced. The reporter carefully observed that the
blinds were "long" in the glass. According to Wang Huilin, this effectively solves the problem of blind
cleaning. Wang Huilin demonstrated the manipulation of the blinds. Using the Bluetooth function of the mobile phone, the manipulation of the blinds can be turned up and down. This electric intelligent
remote control hollow louver glass window has the characteristics of sound insulation, dimming, etc.,
which is very popular in the market...

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Put a smart "heart" on the glass

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—— Kee Yao Jiang Industrial Co., Ltd. engineer Weng Yongping